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Theater Wit, 1229 West Belmont Ave. in Chicago

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For tickets or for more information call 773-975-8150
Previews – April 28 – May 5, 2012
Regular Run – May 6 – June 10, 2012
Performances – Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 3:00pm
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The Play

By Bathsheba Doran
Directed by Jess McLeod

The Midwest Premiere of Bathsheba Doran’s comic drama explores the complexities of family ties. Messy and sensitive, joyful and devastating, KIN chronicles the gradual coming together of a new family. Across two continents, spanning seven years, we watch the lives of ten people who must connect…for better or for worse.


“Highly Recommended…impressively acted, ideally cast and directed here by Jess McLeod” – Chicago Sun Times

“Funny, moving…Jess McLeod imbues her production with sensitivity and grace. Scott Davis’s clever open-set design allows inactive characters to remain in the periphery, partially hidden but not out of sight. It’s a striking metaphor for the way our kin, present or not, weigh on our lives.”
– Time Out Chicago

“Griffin does it again,…I’d never before heard of playwright Bathsheba Doran but will be looking out for her work from now on: She has perfect pitch for the difficulties of connecting and the ambivalence that accompanies even the deepest love.” – WBEZ Radio

“Doran’s deeply humane script reveals profound truths about the push-pull impulses of human connection. there’s solid work throughout the ensemble.” – Chicago Reader

“Simply terrific, perhaps the finest new play of the season to date. It would be a shame if its many virtues were to be overlooked amid the hollow, distracting commercial babble of the Broadway spring season.” – New York Times


Lighting Design: Sean Mallary
Costume Design: Emily Tarleton
Set Design: Scott Davis
Sound Design: Rick Sims
Properties: Sarah Burnham
Stage Manager: Becky Bishop


Anna: Stacie Beth Green
Simon: Tim Musachio
Helena: Ann Sonneville
Sean: Shane Kenyon
Linda: Susan Monts-Bologna
Max: Sandy Elias
Kay: Maggie Cain
Adam: John Fenner Mays
Rachel: Rani Waterman


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