Cameron Harms

Cameron Harms
Member Bio

Hometown: Blue Springs Missouri
Education: B.A. Duke University
Member since 2012

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Cameron is a graduate of Duke University where he received a B.A. in History and a certificate in Markets and Management. Always a strong theatre-goer, Cameron began performing onstage as a challenge from a professor and started dedicating himself to acting soon thereafter. Following graduation, Cameron attended the Berkshire Theatre Festival summer acting program in Massachusetts and followed his new acting friends to Chicago in the Fall. His Chicago credits include Bailiwick Chicago’s Fucking Men (dir. Tom Mullen), Emerald City’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (dir. Ernie Nolan), and Griffin Theatre Co.’s No More Dead Dogs (dir. Dorothy Milne) and Letters Home (dir. Kevin Kingston/Bill Massolia). Cameron has a natural passion for performing improvisation – and very much enjoys breaking free from the stage and ‘performing’ anywhere he finds people to be taking life too seriously.

Productions with the Griffin

No More Dead Dogs
Letters Home (National Tour)

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