Bill Morey

Bill Morey
Member Bio

Hometown: Glen Ellyn, IL
Education: BFA, University of Arizona
Member since 1993

A Griffin Company member, Bill has costumed Sleeping Ugly, Fifth of July and Frindle, and designed the sets for All the Way Home, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and A Long Way From Chicago. Bill received a 2008 Jeff Award for his costumes for Porchlight Music Theater’s Nine, and costumed their productions of Candide, Ragtime (Jeff Award – Best Musical), Gypsy (After Dark Award), Elegies, Company, and A New Brain (After Dark Award). Other recent work includes Tomorrow Morning at the Greenhouse, and many shows with Bailiwick, Hell in a Handbag and Emerald City.

Productions with the Griffin

Fifth of July
The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle
All the Way Home
A Long Way From Chicago
Sleeping Ugly
The Robber Bridegroom

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